Harvard Doctors Recommend:

Boston Firefighters
Are Using This 'Blood Pressure Release Valve'

From the Desk of Dr. Ryan Shelton, N.M.D:

Firefighters face heart-pounding risks every day.

They need blood pressure help more than anyone.

Fortunately, Harvard doctors recently stepped up to
help firefighters lower their blood pressure...

They recommended a simple method to:
Open the 'Blood Pressure Release Valve' in their kidneys…

And now you can try it, too…

Because regular men & women are now using this method to…

Lower their systolic and diastolic blood pressure by as much as 10 to 20 points...

Finally stop worrying about the 'silent enemy' of heart health, even if it runs in their family…

Feel more stress-free and easy-going all day long…

Sleep better at night, relaxed and content…

Surprise their doctors when they go in for an appointment and get their blood pressure tested…

Enjoy more of their favorite foods without worry…

And to quit feeling like they have an invisible, permanent problem that'll never go away and finally feel confident and hopeful about the future, knowing their health is protected.

This method is NOT about cholesterol plaque buildup on the walls of your blood vessels…

…although, it can help your body dissolve that plaque.

It's NOT about slimming down or strengthening your heart

…although, when you open the 'Blood Pressure Release Valve' in your kidneys, it can also help with a stronger heart and a faster fat-burning metabolism.

It's NOT about how much fat or salt that you eat…

…although it can help counteract the salt in your diet.

And it's NOT about medication that sends you running to the bathroom every half hour.

In just a few moments...

I'll walk you through this method to open the 'Blood Pressure Release Valve' in your kidneys. And…

I'll show you proof from the Harvard doctors who first recommended this method…

And you'll see research from Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, and from the leading blood pressure specialists in Japan…

…all of which show the powerful impact of opening your kidneys 'Blood Pressure Release Valve.'

I'll also introduce you to a few of the over 15,000 men and women who've already used this method for themselves.

In fact, here are a few right now:

Jude E. said:

Christa T. said:

Martin S. said:

Ermelita V. said:

Ruth M. said:

Kerry Miller said:

These folks, and tens of thousands like them, are using...

A simple solution found in nature that's proven to open their

Blood Pressure Release Valve.

Plus, I'll also show you...

How this method is saving the lives of hero firefighters every year…

Why improving your blood pressure health should be as simple as letting air out of your tires…

Why fat & cholesterol buildup in your blood vessels should NOT doom your blood pressure (in fact, this method will also help dissolve this buildup)…

And you'll see the hidden gift found in nature that effortlessly opens your Blood Pressure Release Valve.

The sooner you try this method for yourself, the sooner you can take control of your blood pressure and finally sleep easy at night.

My name is Dr. Ryan Shelton.

This news grabbed my attention because, here at Zenith Labs®, we research how nature can help our bodies heal themselves.

We're a team of doctors, pharmacists, and researchers who seek out innovative solutions which are found in nature and backed by solid research. We've helped millions of men & women with everything from blood sugar to fatigue to memory support.

So you can imagine our curiosity when we read about this hidden gift found in nature that effortlessly opens up your kidneys' Blood Pressure Release Valve.

And when we dug into the research to make sure that there was real proof to back this up, we were so excited.

Especially to see that it's already saving the lives of firefighters.

After all…

Firefighters face heart-pounding risks every day. They need blood pressure help perhaps more than anyone.

A team of doctors at Harvard Medical School noticed how dangerous high blood pressure is for firefighters.

They proved…

The primary cause of line-of-duty deaths is NOT burns, or smoke inhalation, or building collapses…

…but rather heart incidents brought on by high blood pressure.

Nearly HALF of line-of-duty deaths are related to blood pressure.

I'm always humbled by the goodwill of men like these Harvard doctors, who devote their lives to helping heroes like firefighters.

Because Firefighters Risk Their Lives
Every Day to Keep Us Safe.

They strap on 75 lbs. of equipment to charge into burning homes. They break down doors and carry full-grown adults to safety.

It’s the definition of “heart-pounding.”

But for those firefighters who are part of the 29% of Americans with high blood pressure… "heart-pounding" is incredibly dangerous.

So if the rest of us look at what these firefighters are doing to protect their blood pressure…

we'll find a solution that's been put to the test.

A solution recommended by Harvard doctors and that's been tested and proven by the Mayo Clinic, the National Institute of Health, and Johns Hopkins Medical School.

It works by solving an underlying cause of high blood pressure:

Your Blood Pressure Release Valve has closed up.

Like I mentioned, for many people, the root problem behind blood pressure issues is NOT your heart, clogged arteries, or your belly fat.

Even if you have these problems, they're not necessarily the top cause of your high blood pressure.

The problem I'm talking about deals with...

The "Blood Pressure Release Valve" in your kidneys.

This valve directly controls the pressure in your blood vessels.

Let's talk about how it SHOULD work…

First, it's easy to forget that "blood pressure" literally means the pressure pushing against the inside of your veins.

Just like "tire pressure"...

...means the pressure pushing against the inside of your tires.
More air goes into the same space, and the tire pressure goes up.

For your blood vessels, when there's too much fluid and not enough space, your blood pressure goes up.

That's why the Blood Pressure Release Valve in your kidneys opens up to let extra fluid pass from your blood vessels into your urine.

You literally flush away that extra pressure.

At least, you should..

But if you're watching this video, I'm guessing that...

...something's going wrong.

Your blood pressure isn't what it should be.

You're worried about all the future health problems that could cause everywhere, from your brain to your heart.

Not to mention the little annoyances, like having to carefully watch what you eat or feeling low on energy all the time.

Or the worries that build up in the back of your mind:

This stress is taking over my life – what I eat, what I think about and even how well I sleep.

Will I be stuck worrying about the "invisible enemy" for the rest of my life?

Is this what's going to kill me one day?

The headache of testing, anxiously waiting for the numbers to appear

The good news is you can finally take back control.

Tens of thousands of men & women already have.

It starts by understanding…

What's going wrong?

Why isn't your Blood Pressure Release Valve working like it should?

Believe it or not, I'm NOT going to blame being overweight or not being active enough. I'm not going to blame eating too much salt. I'm not even going to blame plaque buildup in your blood vessels.

Those are all problems that can be helped by reactivating your Blood Pressure Release Valve---I'll explain more about that in a second.

Because new research has uncovered…

The reason your Blood Pressure Release Valve isn't working like it should…

…is because of a "thirsty" protein inside your kidneys.

The scientific name is "Thiazide Sensitive Sodium Chloride Cotransporter Proteins."

But we'll call them "TSC Proteins" to keep it simple.

The important thing to know is that TSC Proteins are an essential part of your kidneys' Blood Pressure Release Valve.

TSC Proteins determine how much fluid passes from your bloodstream…

…and into your urine.

But if you have high blood pressure, something's going wrong.

Here's what I mean:

These "thirsty" TSC Proteins have one job:

Grab water molecules and hold onto them.

When there's too much fluid in your bloodstream, and your blood pressure is too high

…your kidneys SHOULD release that fluid into your urine.

These TSC Proteins help determine how much fluid to release.

But for some people, as you get older, these protein molecules get out of control.

Your body makes too many TSC proteins….

So your body holds onto too much fluid…

And your blood pressure stays high.

And it's not your fault – it's not anything you've done wrong.

In the same way that some people's bodies hold onto more fat, or some people lose hair more quickly… some people just make too many TSC Proteins as they get older.

And when your Blood Pressure Release Valve tries to release the extra fluid to let off some pressure…

…these extra protein molecules grab those water molecules and stop them from passing through. More and more fluid stays stuck in your blood vessels.

Remember, more fluid squeezed into the same amount of space equals higher pressure.

So to reactivate your Blood Pressure Release Valve…

…you have to deactivate these out-of-control
"thirsty" TSC Proteins.

When these extra water-grabbing protein molecules are deactivated…

…your kidneys can flush your blood vessels of excess fluid…

And your blood pressure goes down.

Even if

There's fat and cholesterol buildup inside your blood vessels…

You're not eating a low-sodium diet…

You're carrying around too much belly fat…

You're not as active as you used to be…

See, you've probably heard that high blood pressure is caused by fat and cholesterol buildup in your veins – this is called "plaque."

And it's true.

Having too much body fat and not being active enough long term can lead to plaque in your blood vessels.

This plaque takes up space. And again…

Less space with the same amount of fluid squeezed in… means your blood pressure goes up.

And as a doctor, of course, I'm going to tell you that you should keep your weight down and be active.

But here's the thing:

If there's a faster, easier way to good health, I'm going to recommend that, too.

Plus, when you reactivate your Blood Pressure Release Valve, it actually gets easier to stay active and keep your weight down.

Because it also helps you with:

There's fat and cholesterol buildup inside your blood vessels…

Energy for being active…

And higher fat metabolism to burn more fat, which…

Dissolves the plaque buildup in your arteries.

And it all starts with...

Deactivating that water-grabbing protein molecule that's clogging up your Blood Pressure Release Valve.

So how do we do that?

I recommend the same thing that Harvard doctors recommend:

A type of nutrient that deactivates TSC proteins.

Harvard recommended this type of nutrient to firefighters across the country to help them improve their blood pressure and avoid heart incidents in the line of duty.

The specific nutrient that I recommend comes from the extract of a flower called the "Crocus ."

Because the research behind this flower extract
is jaw-dropping.

When the Crocus molecules enter your bloodstream, like anything else that enters your bloodstream, they flow through your kidneys.

And it just so happens that...

The shape of Crocus molecules is very similar to the shape of the fluid molecules that these TSC Proteins are looking for.

So a Crocus molecule will "match" with one of these protein molecules.

The protein molecule thinks it's found a water molecule, so it grabs ahold…

It thinks it's done its job, so…

The TSC Protein deactivates…

And it lets the real water molecules pass by.

The Blood Pressure Release Valve in your kidneys can finally release the extra fluid in your blood vessels, so…

Your blood pressure goes down.

It really is as simple as letting air out of your tires.

That's exactly what scientists at Oxford found when they examined Crocus extract's effects on the kidneys. They confirmed what we've discussed here… that Crocus helps the kidneys to release fluid from the bloodstream.

With this knowledge in hand, scientists then set out to directly test whether this meant that Crocus actually lowered blood pressure.

In a placebo-controlled trial, men and women with high blood pressure who took Crocus extract saw their blood pressure drop down within a few points of the "normal" range.

These results were repeated in another placebo-controlled study, where Crocus extract was given to 130 people with high blood pressure. Their levels decreased from 127/74 down to 112/66. That took them from "high risk" well down into "normal."

And another study published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Research found that when people with high blood pressure took Crocus extract for 8 weeks, they lost an average of 5 pounds and a whole inch off their waistline. That fat loss helped them take better control of their blood pressure.

Of course, it's not just about the numbers.

When you take control of your blood pressure, your days spent worrying about this "silent enemy" of heart health…

…are replaced by happy, easy-going time
spent with family and friends.

Here at Zenith Labs®, everything we do is about the healing power of nature, backed by research.

And the Crocus flower's impact on blood pressure fits that perfectly.

That's why we put our heads together to deliver Crocus flower extract in the most powerful way possible.

It's called:

BP Zone®.

It's a blend of plant-based nutrients – starting with Crocus flower extract...

Which all work together to reactivate the Blood Pressure Release Valve in your kidneys.

It comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

And so far, BP Zone® has helped 10,000s of men and women take control of their blood pressure.

People like Bruce M., age 57, who said:

Like Anthony, who said:

Or Xuan H., who said:

And Phil O'Conner, age 48, who wrote to say:

Now let me show you:

What's inside BP Zone®, and how it all works together…

…to free you from your blood pressure worries.

It starts with…

Crocus flower extract.

We include a premium version that comes from Crocus cultivated throughout the Mediterranean regions.

It's the most potent, most pure form of Crocus extract available.

Because it's grown in the Mediterranean climate, it grows healthier and denser with nutrients than anywhere else in the world.

The harvesting and extraction methods are second to none.

And the results it gets are stellar.

When Harvard doctors recommended that firefighters use nutrients like Crocus to open up their Blood Pressure Release Valve

And we weren't about to stop there.

We wanted to give BP Zone® an extra edge.

So we designed a complete formula based around the special form of Crocus.

It starts with…

Like the specialty Crocus, Hibiscus activates your kidneys' Blood Pressure Release Valve.

This powerful nutrient has been researched by the top institutions around the world...

Like at the Human Nutrition Research Center at Tufts University, where doctors found that hibiscus lowered systolic blood pressure by 11 points and lowered diastolic blood pressure by 7 points. Just imagine how proud you'd feel at your next doctor's appointment to show that you lowered your blood pressure by 11 points.

And at the Biomedical Research Center, where doctors used it to lower average blood pressure from 139 over 91 down to 123 over 79. That's an improvement of 12%! A drop from "dangerous" to within 3 points of completely "normal."

That study alone freed dozens of men and women from the "silent enemy" of heart health.

Another study from the University of Western Australia found that Hibiscus extract lowered blood pressure for 390 men and women.

Doctors from the University of Arizona performed a similar study. In their own words, here's what happened: Hibiscus extract "was as effective at lowering blood pressure as commonly used blood pressure medications." They also reported that it "had a favorable influence on lipid profiles, including reduced total cholesterol and triglycerides."

And Korean doctors found that Hibiscus helped reduce body weight and fat storage. I don't have to tell you that storing less fat will help support healthy blood pressure.

Because of this extensive research, hibiscus has been featured on many leading health programs, including Dr. Oz and The Doctors.

Like Crocus, hibiscus fits the Zenith Labs® philosophy:

Found in nature. Backed by research.

Hibiscus will work alongside Crocus to reactivate your kidneys' Blood Pressure Release Valve and help lower your blood pressure.

And there's one more nutrient we include to support this release valve in your kidneys.

You've probably heard that salt in your diet increases your blood pressure.

In fact, too much salt can hijack your Blood Pressure Release Valve.

Salt molecules cling to water molecules. So when your kidneys try to flush out extra fluid from your blood vessels into your urine, that extra salt will cling tight to the water and keep it trapped.

But this nutrient counteracts the salt problem.

It's called…

CoQ10 is a molecule produced by your body. It plays a key role in your body's antioxidant defense.

When it comes to blood pressure, CoQ10 protects your Blood Pressure Release Valve against the salt in your diet.

Research from the University Health Center in China found that supplementing with CoQ10 counteracted the effects of a high-salt diet and kept blood pressure healthy. They theorized that the CoQ10 molecules separated the salt & water molecules from each other. This lets the water be flushed, and the salt get used by your body.

Now we had Crocus, hibiscus extract, and CoQ10.

These 3 nutrients are shown by research to give the strongest possible support to your Blood Pressure Release Valve.

They form the foundation of BP Zone®.

But we knew that BP Zone® could do even more.

So we next added…

A natural nutrient that has been proven time and again to relax your blood vessels.

Relaxed blood vessels give your blood more space to move around, and that means lower blood pressure.

The next nutrient is… Garlic

Garlic's ability to lower blood pressure isn't a secret. You could spend weeks reading the thousands of research studies about garlic and blood pressure.

One recent placebo-controlled study from doctors in Rhode Island gave garlic extract to 41 men & women with high blood pressure. At the end of the study, their diastolic blood pressure had decreased by over 10 points!

And then, there was a review from doctors in Australia of over 20 research studies with nearly 1,000 participants. On average, men and women with high blood pressure who took garlic extract saw their numbers lower by 11%! If your blood pressure is in the high-risk Stage 2 range, 11% is enough to bring it down into only "elevated." And if your blood pressure is "elevated" or in the moderate risk Stage 1 range, an 11% drop is enough to bring it down to normal.

Combine that with the Crocus, hibiscus extract, and CoQ10, which reactivate your kidneys' Blood Pressure Release Valve…

...and BP Zone® is a powerful, found-in-nature solution to blood pressure concerns.

But as you know, here at Zenith Labs®, we're only satisfied with a new formula once we know it's the strongest natural solution of its type.

And so we included…

But we want to do even better than that. So in this blend...

We pair Garlic with… L-theanine

L-theanine is an amino acid that we extract from Green Tea.

It's a relaxing nutrient, which helps your brain mimic the same brainwaves you get during deep meditation!

It also relaxes blood vessels, to allow for easier blood flow and lower blood pressure.

Japan's leading blood pressure doctors ran a research study where they specifically tested blood pressure during stressful situations. Patients who received a placebo saw sharp spikes in their blood pressure from the stress. But patients who received l-theanine saw only a small increase in blood pressure.

A quick warning

Don't try green tea by itself and hope to lower your numbers. The caffeine inside counteracts the benefit from l-theanine. That's why we include only the l-theanine extract in BP Zone®.

Together with the garlic, l-theanine helps your blood vessels stay flexible and wide

Combine that with the Crocus, hibiscus extract, and CoQ10 which reactivate your kidneys' Blood Pressure Release Valve…

..and BP Zone® is a powerful, found-in-nature solution to blood pressure concerns.

But as you know, here at Zenith Labs®, we're only satisfied with a new formula once we know it's the strongest natural solution of its type.

And so we included…

One final pair of nutrients that are found in nature and backed by research to help your blood pressure.


Magnesium is a mineral that we all need. When we get low in magnesium, our blood pressure goes up.

But scientists in Korea recently discovered that even for people whose magnesium levels are healthy…

People with high numbers saw diastolic blood pressure sharply decrease when they supplemented with extra magnesium.

Finally, we have…

Black Seed

Black Seed is a close relative of the spice cumin. When doctors gave this spice to 70 men and women and measured the results in their blood pressure, they reported that black seed, quote: “lowers systolic and diastolic BPs without any adverse effects.”

And here’s one more reason I insisted Black Seed be included in BP Zone®: it’s especially good and lowers the side effects of high blood pressure. It helps restore libido, turn fatigue into energy, help you sleep better, and even lower forgetfulness to give you a sharp memory again!

Once we'd topped everything off with Magnesium and Black Seed…

We knew we'd designed the ideal formula for BP Zone®:

Crocus and Hibiscus flower extract to reactivate your kidneys' Blood Pressure Release Valve.

CoQ10 to counteract the salt in your diet.

Garlic to relax your blood vessels.

And finally, Magnesium and Black Seed for that last extra boost.

With these all-natural, proven nutrients, BP Zone® embodies our philosophy here at Zenith Labs®:

Found in nature, backed by research.

It's that commitment that allows us to achieve such a life-changing formula.

No other natural support for blood pressure has achieved anything like the dramatic results that we've seen in BP Zone® customers.

Just ask Socorro A., age 53, who shared:

Or Martin S., age 73, from New York, who wrote to say:

Or Tom M. shared with us on Facebook:

We get messages like this all the time.

All these stories of change and confidence from the Zenith Labs® family are why…

…I truly believe so many men and women can benefit from BP Zone®.

They saw the research from Harvard and other top clinics around the world…

They saw how firefighters were using these same methods to control their blood pressure

…and then they wondered…

How Do I Get My Own Supply of BP Zone® Right Away?

And also…

How Much Should I Take Each Day for Best Results?

Now, I've seen BP Zone® help so many people, so I wish it were easy to produce and send out.

But the cold truth is…

It's tough to keep our stockroom shelves full…

And there's 3 reasons why:


It’s simple:

BP Zone® is one of Zenith Labs®' most popular health supplements. Most customers buy multiple bottles at a time, then before they run out, they come back and restock. So we're always sending out orders filled to the brim.


It's difficult to keep our stockroom full,

We put BP Zone® through extensive quality control tests.

BP Zone® is Guaranteed Pure and certified non-GMO.

We gather all our raw materials from reliable sources where we've personally visited their facility and built rock-solid relationships. The raw ingredients are combined in a facility certified for Good Manufacturing Practices and regularly audited by the FDA. We regularly test for purity and for any potemicrobes of microbes, pathogens, pesticides, or preservatives.

And if we find any problems, we scrap the batch and start over.

We believe you deserve the best, so going the extra mile is worth it to us.

But that means any slowdown in our strict processes can lead to our stockrooms going dry.


It's often difficult to claim your own supply of BP Zone®.

Even though the herbs and minerals inside are in such high demand...

…we still do our best to save you a tremendous amount of money.

Especially the specialty Crocus extract that we use. It's only grown in one region of the Mediterranean, so there's only so much to go around each season.

And while the effect of Crocus on your kidney's Blood Pressure Release Valve is a recent discovery…

This flower extract has been used for years as a traditional remedy for mood, digestion, appetite and weight loss. It's also an anti-inflammatory, so the extract is even used in many medicines. Throughout the eastern world, people snatch up Crocus to use in herbal teas. And the flower's petals are even crushed up to use as a yellow dye.

My point is… when Zenith Labs® arrived on the scene to start using Crocus to help with blood pressure… we found an already bustling market for this flower's other uses.

This high demand means our suppliers are always at risk of running out. We only work with this premium producer of Crocus, so we're at their mercy. If they run out because all these other industries placed big orders before we could… then we have to wait before our next batch of BP Zone® can be created.

So, unfortunately, it's common for us to run out and then have to wait for our delicate production process to slowly restart. It's entirely possible for returning customers to have to wait months to reorder.

And with all that being said…

We want you to confidently take control of your blood pressure…

…and to stay in control.

The inner peace and freedom from stress that comes from reaching that goal is great to see. It's why we do what we do.

We want to help you open up your Blood Pressure Release Valve and keep it open.

And it's so simple to do.

Which is why I'd like to share exactly how to get your own supply of BP Zone® today.

Right after we return to that second question from before:

How much BP Zone® should I take each day?

It's as simple as you'd think:

Just take one capsule each morning and one before bed

…but here's the vital part:

Take it every day for at least 30 days.

Here's why you shouldn't miss even a single day in that first month:

While the benefits start to work on a molecular level from Day 1…

The longer you use BP Zone®, the better results you'll see.

The more time your kidneys have to properly process fluid to release the pressure in your blood vessels, the more you'll notice the improvement to your heart health, your energy, and how in control of your health you feel.

Many customers report feeling a small benefit right away and then a stronger benefit after several weeks.

Just ask Jesus S., age 62, who said:

Also, keep in mind the extensive research we've looked at from Harvard and the Mayo Clinic

It showed how reactivating your Blood Pressure Release Valve improves your health over time. So while improvement happens quickly… it gets even better the longer you use it.

After all, we're not talking about a magical blood-pressure elixir. Just a nutrient that deactivates water-blocking TSC Proteins. With fewer of those protein molecules, more fluid can pass out of your bloodstream, and your blood pressure goes down. So once you start deactivating these proteins, you can see some results quickly and then feel stronger and stronger results with each passing week.

So it's vital that you take BP Zone® for a minimum of 30 days.

"That's why I personally recommend that you claim at the very least a 3-month supply of BP Zone®."

Or if you're very determined to take control of your blood pressure…

Claim your complete 6-month supply.

That gives you the strongest, most guaranteed results to keep you protected and worry-free.

Now, let me say again that…

BP Zone® is only available on this website…

And for the reasons I just shared with you…

Our stocks can and do run dry.

Especially with how much our partner struggles to keep up with the extreme demand for the Crocus flower inside BP Zone®.

And let's talk about that high demand.

Obviously, the law of supply & demand says that:

Because these nutrients are so popular and tricky to get your hands on…

The price should be high to match the low supply and high demand.

That's why normally, BP Zone® would be one of Zenith Labs®' pricier products, with the regular retail value being $79 per bottle.

That regular price makes sense, especially when you consider…

How much easier BP Zone® fits into your life than other
blood pressure solutions…

Pharmaceutical options aren't anyone's favorite choice. The side effects interrupt your day.

And let's face it – our goal isn't to depend on man-made brute-force solutions, but to work with our bodies, using nutritional solutions found in nature, and backed by expert research.

On top of that, prescription solutions will cost you way more than the BP Zone® regular retail value of $79 per bottle.

Even other heart-healthy supplements can't live up to BP Zone® since they just throw one or two ingredients at you that are essentially band-aid fixes---they don't address the underlying cause of your "blood pressure release valve" in your kidneys.

Or you could try to support your blood pressure by completely overhauling your diet, your lifestyle, and becoming a fitness fanatic… but that's just not practical.

In fact, if you bought these ingredients separately, you'd pay a total of $150.08…

And that's for lower quality ingredients!

So when you consider all that…

$79 for BP Zone® would really be a good deal

Plus, there's the impact to daily life that money can't buy…


Being able to eat your favorite foods, like crispy bacon, salted chips, and more, without worrying about them sending your blood pressure sky high…

More daily energy so you can live your life to the fullest, making the most of each day…

And the boosted confidence and peace of mind from taking back control of your heart health…

When you consider all this together…

The low price of $79 is practically a free gift with a curly ribbon on top.

Even still

You won't pay anywhere close to that for a 1-month supply of BP Zone® today.

Because like I shared earlier…

I've seen how erratic blood pressure can lead to fatigue and daily stress and make you feel like life is passing you by…

So I want to help as many people as possible.

That's our whole philosophy here at Zenith Labs®.

When you claim 6 bottles, Zenith Labs® is covering 100% of the cost for shipping and handling

Which is a $10-$20 value, depending on where you live.

But both the discount and the free shipping are only for a limited time…

And only while our supplies last.

So click below right now to claim your 6-month supply of BP Zone® (or whichever amount is right for you)…

And secure your supply today while we still have it in stock!

After choosing your amount…

You'll see a 100% secure and encrypted checkout page

Where you'll fill out a simple order form…

And then by the end of the day…

Your supply of BP Zone® will be getting packaged and ready for shipment…

And then be on your doorstep in the next 7-10 business days.

6 Bottles

6-Month Supply



TOTAL: $234.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

3 Bottles

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TOTAL: $135.00

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1 Bottle

1-Month Supply


TOTAL: $59.00

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· 180-Days Guarantee ·

In the grand scheme of things,
claiming your supply of BP Zone® is a small investment…

Just like it's a small investment to get career training, to change your car's oil, or to have a regular checkup with your doctor.

Small actions now will have a massive impact on your life in the coming months, years, and even decades.

I've noticed that what sets successful, happy people apart is that they make decisions that help them avoid future problems and that help them enjoy a healthy, successful everyday life.

Making the small decision to claim your supply of BP Zone® will help you avoid the frustration of immune concerns and help you avoid the frustration, stress, and worry that can come from unhealthy blood pressure.

We find that most people who decide on the 1-month supply are interested in just getting on the path to healthier blood pressure.

Those who choose the 3-month supply want to make sure they can keep taking BP Zone® without interruption.

And those who decide on the 6-month supply want to invest in a real change to their blood pressure to achieve a happier and more confident life for tomorrow, next month, and many years to come.

So go ahead and click below to claim your supply of BP Zone® right now while we still have it in stock…

And watch as the boost to your heart health extends throughout your body and mind… and then to every corner of your life… from your work, to your hobbies & passions, to your family relationships.

6 Bottles

6-Month Supply



TOTAL: $234.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

3 Bottles

3-Month Supply



TOTAL: $135.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

1 Bottle

1-Month Supply


TOTAL: $59.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

"Now, if you're still deciding on the amount you want to claim right now, I understand."

The fact that you're carefully considering this decision tells me a lot about your character.

Not only are you serious about your health & happiness, but you're responsible enough to want to be absolutely sure that you make the right choice for your situation.

I've already shown you the dozens of medical studies that back up everything I've shared with you today.

And you've heard some of the great experiences customers have already enjoyed with BP Zone®

Like Lotte Johnson from New Jersey, who told us:

And David Postlewait, age 72, from South Carolina who shared:

And Margaret Mackie from Saskatchewan, Canada who said:

So let me share one more thing with you:

Zenith Labs®' Satisfaction Guarantee

You should feel confident about any health decision, and that includes claiming your complete supply of BP Zone®.

We're 100% confident that we offer the most powerful blood pressure product on the planet…

That's why we give you 6 months to try it and decide: either you're fully satisfied and head over heels thrilled with your new blood pressure numbers… or you can simply contact us via phone or email, and we'll refund you 100% of your purchase price, no-questions-asked. Our contact details will be on the packaging.

Even if you've opened all your bottles and used up all the product, we'll still refund you. It doesn't matter if you ordered 1 bottle or 6.

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Either you love BP Zone®… or you get your money back. It's that simple.

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I'm talking about people like Christa Beate Thoma, age 71, who said:

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6 Bottles

6-Month Supply



TOTAL: $234.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

3 Bottles

3-Month Supply



TOTAL: $135.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

1 Bottle

1-Month Supply


TOTAL: $59.00

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· 180-Days Guarantee ·

Making this investment in yourself is something
you can be proud of.

Men & women who join the Zenith Labs® family are a special group who DON'T sit around and take what life throws at them.

They don't put up with erratic blood pressure just because someone says, "that's the way it is."

And because they care about themselves enough to act, members of the Zenith Labs® family enjoy health, success, and independence, no matter their age.

I'd love for you to join us, and since you've shown your commitment to yourself by sticking with me through this presentation, I believe you'll fit right in.

"Now, I want to be frank with you…"

Please don't be offended – I'm only saying this because I want to see you healthy, happy, and free from worry.

But it's time to step forward and make your decision.

And I'm asking you, as a personal favor…

Please don't ignore everything we've just discussed.

Imagine what that would be like

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Your blood-pressure concerns will likely continue… and could get a lot worse.

And while it's typical for unbalanced blood pressure levels to not feel a lot of immediate symptoms, if you don't take control of your levels now, it can lead to a lot of sudden and scary conditions in the near-and-immediate future.

You'll continue to feel much more sluggish as your energy is zapped away, to the point where walking up a few flights of stairs leaves you out of breath.

You'll be constantly annoyed by having to watch what you eat, avoiding delicious fatty or salty foods, and even avoiding carbs and sweets. And you'll have to balance on the scale each day to check your weight. Nobody likes that feeling.

But worst of all, every second of every day, there's the nagging reminder in the back of your head that at some coming moment, it's going to suddenly get much, much worse, and then it'll be too late.

I don't want you to end up in that situation.

I don't want you to change your mind down the road, think about this presentation, and wish you'd taken action. Especially because this offer likely won't be available then.

I don't want you to regret that you decided against such a simple, small investment in yourself… an investment with huge rewards.

So please, take charge of your health & happiness – click below to claim your complete supply of BP Zone® and start your journey.

6 Bottles

6-Month Supply



TOTAL: $234.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

3 Bottles

3-Month Supply



TOTAL: $135.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

1 Bottle

1-Month Supply


TOTAL: $59.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

When you do, you'll be taking your first step towards a better life.

I mean it – try to really imagine:

Each morning, you wake up with plenty of energy because your blood is flowing freely throughout your body.

And your mind is worry-free as your heart concerns have become a thing of the past.

Wouldn't you love to wipe the slate clean and take back control of your blood pressure, helping you to feel like you did in your 20s and 30s again… when you felt full of hope and determination and just downright unstoppable?

Look, we both know you only get one shot at this life, so there's no point suffering through each and every day with heart concerns.

That's why right now is the perfect time to take life into your own hands. And start washing away those dark horse heart health ailments.

With BP Zone®, you'll go from being at the mercy of your unbalanced blood pressure to feeling confident you've got a healthier and happier life ahead of you.

I want you to experience the same playfulness, pizazz, and zest for life you enjoyed before your blood pressure levels started haunting your daily existence.

6 Bottles

6-Month Supply



TOTAL: $234.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

3 Bottles

3-Month Supply



TOTAL: $135.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

1 Bottle

1-Month Supply


TOTAL: $59.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

"That's why I'm asking you to try BP Zone®…"

Because you don't have to roll over and accept unbalanced blood pressure.

You're still the active, happy person you've always been, and you can't give in and let your blood pressure change that.

So one more time, I'll invite you to click below to claim your 6-month supply of BP Zone®.

There's no risk since with Zenith Labs®' "Open Bottle Guarantee," you've got 6 full months to test it out for yourself, and either love the results or get a 100% refund.

But try it now because remember, our supplies stay low since Crocus is in such high demand. I recommend choosing the full 6-month supply to stock up.

BP Zone® is the only way to get the purest, most effective versions of these nutrients, along with our 11 other blood-pressure supporting nutrients.

Click below right now, and take the first step towards taking back control of your blood pressure and heart health.

You only get one heart, so it's important you take great care of it.

I'm Dr. Ryan Shelton, and I want to say "thank you" for sticking with me through this presentation.

If you're still here, that tells me two things:

1. You're committed to your health and happiness, and…

2. You still have a few questions.

It's okay to have questions. I'm glad you do, so I can help you feel perfectly comfortable trying out BP Zone® for yourself.

6 Bottles

6-Month Supply



TOTAL: $234.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

3 Bottles

3-Month Supply



TOTAL: $135.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

1 Bottle

1-Month Supply


TOTAL: $59.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to a few of the most common questions we hear:

What if I'm not happy - can I get my money back?

Absolutely. If you are not satisfied, we'll gladly give you a full refund. Simply contact our support team, and we'll refund you 100%. Even if you've finished all the bottles. That's how confident we are you'll be satisfied.

How do I know BP Zone® is pure & safe?

Each of the ingredients is rigorously tested for purity and to ensure against toxins and contaminants. Our manufacturing facility is regularly audited by the FDA for safety and purity.

We also focus on primarily using natural ingredients which your body already knows how to use and which gently and naturally support your health.

How do I take BP Zone®?

Take 1 capsule twice per day. Once each morning and once each evening. Each bottle comes with enough capsules for a 30-day supply.

For extra support, you can take 4 capsules each day. (Keep in mind, you'll need 2x the supply of BP Zone®.)

How long should I take it before seeing noticeable results?

Individual results vary. Some have reported experiencing results in as early as two weeks.

Everyone's body chemistry is unique. For the best results, we recommend taking BP Zone® as directed, eating a healthy diet, and staying active.

I've tried other "heart-health" formulas in the past, which didn't work; how do I know this is different?

BP Zone® is not a concoction invented by a marketing team.

Every single one of our ingredients has been heavily tested and shown to work under stringent double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study conditions.

You're getting some of the best herbs nature has to offer that support healthy blood pressure conditions from more than one angle. Our doctor-created formula is only available in BP Zone® – no other 'heart-health' product can match it.

We manufacture BP Zone® in the highest-quality, safest facility available. What you see on the label is exactly what you're getting. And, of course, you're either 100% satisfied, or we'll refund you 100%.

If you're still wondering whether BP Zone® is right for you, then the best advice I can give you is to try it yourself.

With our No-Questions-Asked, Money-Back Guarantee, you have 6 Months to see if you like it. If you decide you want your money back, simply contact us for a full refund.

So you can try it out with ZERO RISK.

You've got nothing to lose, and you can regain control over your blood pressure and health.

One final customer story before I let you go:

Jeffrey A Pregi from Ohio said:

Now please decide which amount is right for you, click below, and let's take the first step to regain control of your heart health so you can be confident and happy.

I'll see you on the next page.

Dr. Ryan Shelton
Medical Director, Zenith Labs®

6 Bottles

6-Month Supply



TOTAL: $234.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

3 Bottles

3-Month Supply



TOTAL: $135.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

1 Bottle

1-Month Supply


TOTAL: $59.00

+FREE USA Shipping

· 180-Days Guarantee ·

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